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This template takes shooter weapon parameters as input and generates a list of facts about the weapon.


  • The ink consumption is 0.92% per shot.
  • When firing while moving, the player's movement speed is set to 0.072 units per frame.
  • Each shot has a base damage of 36 and minimum damage of 18.
  • If a shot is in the air for more than 8 frames after being fired, it loses 0.5625 damage per frame until it reaches 18 damage at frame 40.
  • The bullet hitbox for collisions with players has a radius of 2 units.
  • The bullet hitbox for collisions with the environment has a radius of 2 units.
  • The angle its shots can deviate while on the ground is 6 degrees.
  • The angle its shots can deviate while in the air is 12 degrees.
  • The outer reticle immediately expands after jumping. After 25 frames, the outer reticle will start shrinking, and will finish shrinking after 70 frames.
  • When jumping, the chance to shoot towards the outer reticle instead of the inner reticle is immediately set to 40%.
  • Shots initially travel straight at a rate of 2.2 units per frame for 4 frames. Shots travel straight for 8.8 distance units.
    • After that, the shot's velocity is set to 1.4495 units per frame if it is not already lower than the listed value, and decreases further as it travels.

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