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Helper template that displays controller buttons.


Typically, {{Icono botón|name|console}}

name First positional only, required The name of the button. See valid buttons below.
console Second positional, optional Wii U or Switch (defaults to Wii U).

List of buttons

Some example buttons are as follows, though more may be available than what is shown here:

Wii U

For example, {{Icono botón|A}} or {{Icono botón|A|Wii U}} or {{Icono botón|A|Splatoon}} A

Name A B X Y Left Stick or LS Right Stick or RS D-Pad or DPad Home
Output A B X Y Palanca izquierda Palanca derecha Cruceta Home
Name L R ZL ZR Minus Plus Gamepad
Output L R ZL ZR Menos Más Gamepad


For example, {{Icono botón|A|Switch}} or {{Icono botón|A|Splatoon 2}}

Name A B X Y L R ZL ZR Pro
Name SL SR Minus Plus Home Capture Gyro Pitch Gyro Roll Gyro Yaw
Name Left Stick or LS Left Stick Left Left Stick Right Left Stick Up Left Stick Down Left Stick Left-Right Left Stick Up-Down Left Stick All Left Stick Click
Name Right Stick or RS Right Stick Left Right Stick Right Right Stick Up Right Stick Down Right Stick Left-Right Right Stick Up-Down Right Stick All Right Stick Click
Name D-Pad or DPad D-Pad Left D-Pad Right D-Pad Up D-Pad Down


Due to Inkipedia history, the following are also supported with no console argument.

Name Z ZL1 ZR1
Output Z ZL ZR