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Displays a "progress bar" style meter for an infobox. This template is a proxy that pre-calculates parameters for Infobox/MeterEx.


value Unnamed. The numeric value of the meter.
max Unnamed, optional. The numeric maximum value of the meter. The default value is 100.
contents Optional. Content to appear inside the meter. Belongs to the outermost element, overlapping the bar graphic. If absent, the text "value / max" will be used.
color Optional. An RGB triplet for the base color to use for formatting. The default value is 0, 153, 255, defined in SiteColor as "Generic".
style Optional. A list of CSS values to apply to the outermost container. By default, the meter takes up 100% of the width of its parent container.



|style = width: 250px;
|color = {{SiteColor|Splatoon 2}}


123 / 210