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Salmonote, un Gran Jefe Salmónido

Ofensiva extra es un evento especial en Salmon Run Next Wave. En una Ofensiva extra, aparece un Gran Jefe Salmónido y los jugadores deben trabajar juntos para derrotarlo dentro del tiempo asignado.


The chance of triggering an Xtrawave increases as players' Salmometers fill. When an Xtrawave has been chosen to occur, the ending jingle after the third wave plays in a distorted manner, and a new wave begins at the same tide level as the previous wave with the text "Emergency!" displayed on-screen as an alarm blares.

All players Super Jump back to start, or a unique lower spawn point at low tide (apart from on Marooner's Bay). If it is a wildcard rotation, each player will be given a random weapon as normal, but if it is not, their weapon will be the one they have not yet used. Unlike regular waves, there is no countdown after weapon assignment. A King Salmonid will appear along with other Boss Salmonids. All players are given one special weapon each, regardless of how many have been used beforehand. Against the Triumvirate players are given two special weapons. Players are also given an egg cannon, which allows them to fire Golden Eggs that do a large amount of damage (800 per shot) to the King Salmonid.

The Xtrawave ends in victory if the King Salmonid is defeated, and in defeat if 100 seconds are elapsed or the crew is wiped out. Losing the Xtrawave does not count as losing the overall shift. The player will gain their normal amount of points and an extra 50 points for clearing the Xtrawave, on top of the 50 bonus points for clearing wave 3. The players will also be awarded fish scales based on the hazard level and the amount of damage inflicted upon the King Salmonid.


Each player has a Salmometer (called "smell" in the game's files) that increases by 1 after every shift without encountering a King Salmonid, no matter the outcome of the shift (win or loss at any wave). This meter can be seen in the top right of the screen while in the Grizzco building. It starts out empty until it becomes full after 5 shifts, or when an encounter happens, resetting it back to zero.

The sum of every team member's Salmometer gives the probability of a King Salmonid appearing at the end of wave 3. When all four meters are full, the encounter is guaranteed.

Note that the visual representation below is only for easier readability, not the exact meters needed. For example, four meters at 1 would be equal to one meter at 4.

The second table shows a simplified version for 4-person teams playing together with their meters synced — mainly, if a King is encountered and the team keeps playing together afterwards.

Full statistics
Sum of the
team's meters
Visual representation Probability
0 0%
1 0%
2 0%
3 0%
4 0%
5 1.5625%
6 3.75%
7 6.5625%
8 10%
9 14.0625%
10 18.75%
11 24.0625%
12 30%
13 36.5625%
14 43.75%
15 51.5625%
16 60%
17 69.0625%
18 78.75%
19 89.0625%
20 100%
Simplified summary for a 4-person team
Sum of the
team's meters
Visual representation Probability
0 0%
4 0%
8 10%
12 30%
16 60%
20 100%



  • Prior to Version 1.1.1, the text appearing before the third wave would read "Wave 3" instead of the regular "Final Wave" if an Xtrawave would occur for that shift.
  • Beating the Xtrawave changes the success jingle to a triumphant fanfare.
  • If an Xtrawave begins during low tide, all players will super jump to the exposed area instead of the normal spawn. This does not happen at any other time in Salmon Run Next Wave. The exception to this is Marooner's Bay—this is likely due to the regular starting point being very close to the exposed area.
  • In the results screen, the Xtrawave appears like the other 3 waves, but with "XTRAWAVE" instead of the wave, and the King Salmonid instead of the Golden Egg count.


  • While the Golden Eggs players fire from their egg cannon can deal a lot of damage to the King Salmonid, they can also be shot at the weak point of most other Boss Salmonids. This takes most of them down in a single shot. The Boss Salmonids that cannot be defeated with a single Golden Egg are the Maws, Drizzler, Big Shot, Stinger, and the Flyfish when its baskets are closed.
    • However, when the Flyfish's baskets are open, players can either fire a Golden Egg into a single basket to destroy one, or toward the center gap between the basket lids to defeat it with a single shot. If this fails, combining a golden egg with a Splat Bomb can rapidly take the Flyfish down in a pinch.
  • When not defeating bosses for Golden Eggs, attack the King Salmonid directly. Every bit of damage counts.
  • Very high DPS weapons such as the Hydra Splatling, Sploosh-o-matic, Dapple Dualies, and Grizzco Stringer should be used to damage the King Salmonid directly whenever possible.
  • Most special weapons should be used to clear clusters of Boss Salmonids instead of dealing raw damage to the King Salmonid. However, there are a few exceptions.
    • The Crab Tank's rapid fire can do heavy damage to the King Salmonid but should be used in a clear area to avoid being splatted from behind.
    • The Killer Wail 5.1 can also deal heavy damage if all six beams lock on to the King Salmonid.
  • Always make sure to keep the amount of Boss Salmonids on the map during this wave close to or at zero. This means players can use those Golden Eggs to defeat the King Salmonid as, without them, it will be very difficult to defeat it.
  • Avoid focusing solely on the King Salmonid. If ignored, the other Salmonids can overrun the team easily.
  • Keep turf control at all times. This will grant the crew far better mobility and ink recovery. If players manage to keep turf control of the map, they will have a significantly easier time defeating the King Salmonid and the Boss Salmonids that will spawn.
  • Make sure to revive teammates if possible, as it is impossible to defeat the King Salmonid alone. However, only do this when it is safe to do so. Do not get splatted trying to save teammates.
  • Don't be afraid to use the egg cannon. Unlike the egg throw, the egg cannon does not require any ink to use, so make sure to hit the King Salmonid as much as possible.
    • Ensure the area is clear when using the egg cannon to avoid hitting a random Lesser Salmonid on accident and wasting the shot.
    • The splash around the player caused by an egg throw is still present with the egg cannon; thusly, it can be used to take out Smallfry and Chums nearby as a last resort. This should only be done if the player already has a clear aim at the King Salmonid, or as a last-ditch effort to save themself since the egg cannon shatters the egg on contact, unlike the egg throw.

Names in other languages

Idioma Nombre Significado
 Japonés EXTRA WAVE. También llamado "EX-WAVE" para abreviar en SplatNet 3 ONDA EXTRA
 Inglés Xtrawave Onda x-tra
 Neerlandés Extra golf Onda extra
 Francés (NOE) Vague + Onda +
 Alemán Extra-Welle Onda-extra
 Italiano Ondata extra Onda extra
 Ruso Волна +
Volna +
Onda +